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Our Mission

Our mission dictates that our first and foremost priority is to contribute to human welfare by developing hUC-MSC technologies and hUC-MSC pharmaceuticals to improve and enhance the quality of human life.

The bold pursuit of technological advancement and scientific breakthrough are Baylx's foundation.

We believe success comes when we align our core values with our mission to translate our ground-breaking science into stem cell therapies that transform patients’ lives. We strive to weave our values into everything we do at Baylx.

We direct our growth in the areas of hUC-MSC where we display maximum strength and ability. We strive to be the unsurpassed standard of comparison and to be recognized as a company of dedication, honesty and integrity, to gather people and facilities that tend to augment and nourish these areas, in full compliance with the guidance and policy from the regulation authorities.  

Baylx strives without reserve for the greatest possible reliability and quality in our investigational product candidates and is committed to bringing the next generation therapeutics to patients after regulatory approval.  

Baylx is also a company where individuals can flourish, grow and develop their expertise.

Our Core Values

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